Buddhasian is a French-Vietnamese company specializing in dehydrated fruits, which puts its know-how at the service of the customer, each product is selected to offer the consumer the best fruit.


Booth - AB16
Outdoor cooking, it’s our passion. Cooking outside and working with the best products. We feel that the world should get to know the best way to barbecue: the kamado. That is why, in 2013, we began creating our own dream barbecue: The Bastard.


Booth - C9
Our grills are designed to create an outdoor entertaining experience like nothing else on the market. Grill, griddle, fire pit, art piece all in one.

Artiss Design

Booth - D7
ARTISS is a brand of extraordinary appliances for BBQ and outdoor cooking of a special design, modern, beautiful look and aesthetics as well as functional solutions. ARTISS gives You the chance to barbecue all-round and all-year outside in the fresh air. We created a special product which delivers amazing culinary experience and becomes an art of cooking and barbecue. It is not just barbecueing, it is a philosophy of barbecueing. The barbecues are made in Poland from top-quality steel, with a particular care for details but, most importantly, with the thought about our customers. The barbecue can be personalized according to one’s needs, all parts are exchangeable, have different forms and colours – depending on one’s taste and needs a perfect barbecue can be created.


At Artola, we believe it is fire that brings people together outdoors. Fire provides heat to prepare meals. Fire keeps people warm and creates a cosy ambience. Most of all, though, fire reaches into people’s hearts and rouses their burning desire to reconnect with themselves and each other. Fire kindles the spirit of togetherness. After creating miracle cookware – pots, pans, smoker ovens and the ‘wonder pan’ – for over 50 years, we are now proud to introduce Fiq, our revolutionary BBQ fire pit crossover, the Qrib our Design Hibachi BBQ and now our new Firepit Braaigrill the Trunq


Clint Meyer grew up on a cattle farm in Kansas before working in Austin for 2 years, where he fell in love with Texas-style BBQ. In 2008 he moved to Prague and began smoking meat in the backyard. When researching the best grills and smokers to buy, Clint decided upon Yoder Smokers, due to their quality and performance. Clint & Eva decided to bring these fantastic products to Europe, so they started BBQ Europe.

BBQ Québec

Booth - C15
The French-Canadian company was created in 2013 by brothers Max and JP Lavoie. This renowned retail chain not only offers their own range of high-quality products and accessories, but also promotes the barbecue lifestyle. The products include a wide variety of accessories, sugar maple charcoal, dry marinades and sauces. BBQ Quebec offers you unparalleled expertise and product quality. The dynamic company innovates, develops and sets trends in the world of BBQ. It defines a flavor profile and guides and inspires BBQ enthusiasts by nourishing the passion for the grill 12 months a year. That's what makes BBQ Quebec a true leader in the industry.

Big Peat

A true concentrate of Islay, Big Peat brings together in an expression the best of this iconic island. Recognizable among a hundred, Big Peat makes everyone agree by reconciling Ardbeg's ardor, the very distinct character of the rare Port Ellen, the iodized notes of Caol Ila and the spicy notes of Bowmore's fining. Through this range of Remarkable Regional Malts, Douglas Laing has perfectly transcribed the spirit of an island yet indomitable! A dry and smoky peat, available in small batch only.

Bradley Smoker

Booth - Ext 4
The Bradley Smoker brand offers electric smokers respecting the art of original smoking while maintaining total control over the smoke. It also offers wooden bevels which produce a clean and continuous smoke.


With Briochin 1919, we share with you the natural effectiveness and the benefits of the care of yesteryear. We remain transparent: our formulas have nothing to hide. Nothing but good, only soap and short lists for the pleasure of taking care of yourself with simplicity! Without forgetting that our products are all made in France and respecting the tradition of yesteryear.

Buffalo Trace

For more than 200 years, the Buffalo Trace Distillery has been producing bourbon on the banks of the Kentucky River. Along this river, the tracks left by bison migrations have opened up new paths of exploration. The Buffalo Trace bourbon, the world's most awarded distillery, is a tribute to free and independent spirits who have had the courage to follow these tracks. Enjoy its inimitable style: on the nose, notes of caramel, fruit and honey. A vanilla taste; delicately woody and finely spiced.


A real grill is made with natural charcoal, the smell of embers and authentic taste create a pleasant atmosphere around the fire with family and friends. We are proud of our products and love to take the time of a real Barbecue.


As an innovative and green company, we want to become a role model for the market in disposable barbecue and inspire others to become more healthly and environmentally conscious about the products they may encounter.


Char-Broil®, the US leader in the gas barbecue sector, also offers outdoor kitchen equipment. The brand is present in Canada, Latin America, Australia and Europe. Based in Columbus, Georgia, USA, Char-Broil® has recently opened its European headquarters in Hamburg, Germany. At the same time, Char-Broil® is developing a range of outdoor ranges, with Oklahoma Joe's®, New Braunfels Smoker Company® and Thermos® brands. Entering the European market in 2012, Char-Broil® acquired Dancook, the Danish manufacturer of charcoal barbecues, with a clean and modern design. Dancook products are available in Europe and more than 25 countries around the world. Char-Broil® is today the leader in infrared roasting technology https://www.charbroil.fr/




There are millions of people around the world who use Dometic products. You all have one thing in common. You’re going somewhere – whether you’re an RV user, a boat owner, a truck driver or just a lover of the great outdoors. Our job is to meet your essential needs on the journey. Like cooking, keeping food fresh, taking care of personal hygiene and maintaining a pleasant temperature. That way, you can explore more, see more and stay away longer. We call it mobile living made easy. Enjoy the journey.


Stand - B13
Wood, electric and gas rotisseries; but also charcoal churrascos for southern american cuisine, pizza grills for high-dish pizzas, salamanders for grilling, and professional Kebab Gyros, lava stone grills, heated cabinets… professional meat cooking devices are many, and each with its own peculiarities. With quality stemming from experience, Elangrill designs, manufactures and sells wood rotisseries and all connected products, with required CE certification for gas and electric models. Whatever cooking device a restaurant of any size may need – from a vertical rotisserie for a limited number of roast chickens to a large planetary turnspit that can cook up to 126 chickens per hour, up to a large electric churrasco with rotating swords that can prepare several mixed-meat swords at one time – Elangrill has the idealmodel, and all required accessories for the best results.

Eric Gault

Stand - D12
Manufacturer and designer of natural stone barbecue from the Charentes, for more than 25 years, the eric gault company offers you the possibility of designing your personalized barbecue to measure. All our barbecue are equipped with stainless steel grilling sets and can be equipped with a rotisserie. What could be more beautiful than a natural stone barbecue to beautify your garden.

Fargau Feuer

Stand - CD18
FARGAU FEUER manufactures outdoor wood-fired ovens as well as fireplace barbecues. We also exclusively market QUOCO wood-fired plancha barbecues and the world famous kamado MONOLITH in France.

Father's Cooker

Booth - B1
Here is finally THE real revolution in the world of outdoor cooking that the whole planet has been waiting for. On the same cooking appliance, use propane, charcoal, wood, wood chips or if you prefer a combination of these fuels. Our unique and patented system allows, among other things: to grill, roast, braise, simmer, boil, sauteed, smoking, cold smoking, steam cooking, plancha cooking, charcoal cooking, flame sizzling and much more. Our system can also be used: for home brewing, for making maple syrup, as an outdoor fireplace, as a rotisserie, as a pizza oven. Forget the sausage skewers Our motto is simple; If you can enjoy it, you can cook it on Father's Cooker Find out by yourself, be part of the Father's Cooker Revolution


A true decorative object, the FEU DU JARDIN Boule is at the same time design, modern and practical. It offers three functions: brazier, barbecue and plancha to combine pleasure and usefulness. Perfect to accommodate up to 8 guests.


The FireBoard is a digital thermometer designed to operate through your smartphone or through the web, making it easy to track temperature. It can track up to 6 temperatures all at once. It will also alert you via SMS or email to make sure your cook is on track. It’s the perfect device for around the kitchen, or out on the patio, for grilling and barbecue. It’s easy to step away yet keep an eye on what you are cooking. It also connects via Bluetooth® in case WiFi isn’t available. The FireBoard’s data logging capabilities allow you to view your historical temperature data. It’s like a fitness tracker for cooking


Everything started from two observations: First, a recurring dissatisfaction of the users of fireplaces and barbecues, or even a flush with the difficulty of lighting a chimney fire or getting a braised barbecue fire simply, quickly, cleanly, effortlessly and without fear. And the weariness of everyone to use a variety of complex products, dirty, odorous or inefficient. Thus, encouraged by my entourage and motivated by the idea of ​​bringing a healthy and simple solution to these millions of daily fires, I decided to create: And that's how FlaMagic was born one evening in the summer of 2018 ... Thought and made in France, this firelighter is only followers since then ...

GF flam

Specialist in wood cooking, we offer an atypical range of barbecues, ovens and planchas for the most tasty and unusual cooking. Whether you are a meat lover or a demanding chef, our products will seduce your taste buds.

GLM Service

Distributeur et Installateur Alsacien de planchas, fours à pizza, Poêle à bois, fumoirs, barbecue, rôtissoires fabriqué par Univers Fog.


Grandhall has been a supplier of high-quality barbeques and accessories for 45 years, making outdoor cooking even more pleasant and easier. The Grandhall brand stands for excellent price/quality, lifestyle and innovation. For more information see grandhall.eu

Green Forest BBQ's & Grills

Green Forest BBQs & Grills has been involved with pellet grills since 2012 and is a European importer and distributor for Green Mountain Grills. In addition, we develop and build customized pellet grills for the professional market such as restaurants, food trucks and catering companies.

Green Mountain Grills

We discovered something we loved–REALLY loved. It was grilling with wood pellets, which were so much better than either charcoal or gas! But the pellet grill we owned needed some improvements, so we decided to make our own. We loved it so much we ended up starting our own company!


GREENPLAISANCE will symbolically celebrates its 10 years of existence in March 2020. Pioneer in its field, the GREENPLAISANCE brand has established itself as leader in the field of the ecological maintenance of leisure equipments: boats, camper vans, patios and swimming pools, houses and gardens… The biotechnological hallmark of GREENPLAISANCE’ products can identify itself in a double requirement of Security and Performance : SECURITY for the user himself, as well as for his environment, equal or even better PERFORMANCE compared to the classic products which are coming from petrochemistry. In order to satisfy this double requirement, the GREENPLAISANCE brand mostly uses vegetal or/and mineral origin components, and enlists to that end, the French biotechnoligical savoir-faire.

Grill n Grill

Stand - A10
Grill n Grill has recently produced grids with removable rods. An invention for simplicity in cleaning. The grates are available for all rectangular barbecues. We can tailor your grids.


La Forestière du Nord was created in 1975. An adventure initiated by Mr. André JONART, a daring entrepreneur who has managed to impose his know-how in the production of charcoal for barbecue, firewood and salt snow removal. Today, with more than 40 years of experience in the field, the company has extended its product range and remains very attached to its committed quality approach. An adventure that is transmitted from generation to generation ... Olivier and Vincent work every day for the durability of the brand.


In the beginning, there was the desire of a Burgundian family: to respect the forest and the men who work there. From this desire was born an approach, constantly improved since 1860: we produce a vegetable charcoal that preserves human health and the environment. Today we recycle throughout the manufacturing process, so as to ensure a zero-discharge production while producing our own cogeneration energy. Our technology Carboépuré® guarantees the production of a charcoal with High Environmental Performance. We carry out many research programs: the charcoal appears more than ever as a resource and a material of the future thanks to a reasoned and responsible management of the wood resources and its production.

Harris, L'Expert du Français du feu

Stand - C16 Bis
Harris, the French fire expert, develops high-performance products; from lighting to cleaning barbecues, planchas and insert glass and wood stove.

Homefires Braai

Booth - Ext 4
Braai - Le barbecue sud-africain à bois propose une cuisson hors normes au bois et ce n'est pas les longues journées froides d'hiver qui l’empêcheront de fonctionner. Il restera allumé tout au long de l'année, intérieur comme extérieur. Vinuovo est le revendeur d'Home Fires Braai depuis des années et étant passionnés nous-même par le Braai, nous pouvons vous fournir d'excellents conseils.


The perfect cut with every knife! Otmar and Timo Horl founded the family-run innovation studio right at the foot of the Black Forest. The unique rolling movement and perfect interaction of the HORL Sharpener combined with the Magnetic Angle Support allow you to gently and efficiently sharpen your kitchen knives as soon as they start to lose their edge. The Magnetic Angle Support automatically maintains the ideal angle for sharpening your knives to ensure swift, high-quality sharpening results with minimum material loss.


IWONA GRILLS branded grills are loved by both individual users and professional chefs. They are used in houses, restaurants, hotels and guest houses. Catering events with IWONA GRILLS branded grills evoke positive impressions only.

KAI France

Booth - C8
For over 100 years, the kai company has been producing cutlery according to the traditions of the legendary samurai of old Japan. In the process, the desire to preserve ancient traditions and to combine them with innovative techniques represents no contradiction, but forms the basis for new products that honor Japanese blacksmithing while meeting modern demands. With the highest quality standards, kai has made it its mission to produce special kai kitchen knives for daily use. Made from natural resources, shaped and formed according to the expertise of the ancient blacksmithing art of the samurai, kai cooking knives epitomise Japanese craftsmanship carried out with the highest degree of precision. From the design to completion of each individual knife, the focus is on the development of an integrated and carefully-considered product. Since beginning as a family business in 1908 as Seki, kai has developed into an international company.

L'épicier fou

The crazy grocery shop, specialize in spicy sauces & artisanal hot sauces barbecue sauces, tasting ketchups, seasonings

La Maison du Whisky

Founded in 1956 by Georges Bénitah, La Maison Du Whisky has established itself as one of the largest French specialists in the importation and distribution of rare whiskies. A leader in the sector, its dynamism has played an important role in the evolution of the French market for premium whiskies, and now also that of fine spirits

La Toute Petite Librairie

Stand - A12
The official bookshop of the event.


Stand EXT 10
This barbecue, from the future, but well anchored in its present, adapts perfectly to public outdoor spaces. Subsidized for innovation, this concept combines design, simplicity, ergonomics and ingenuity. With a reinforced concrete and reinforced steel structure, the Fusion-Grill shows real resistance in intensive use. Easy to maintain, it does not require any cleaning between two uses. The hot ashes are discharged directly through an opening at the back of the fireplace and then stored in a secure container. Authorized in an area dedicated for this purpose, its safety accessories meet the fire prevention requirements of the most sensitive departments. The Fusion-Grill can be installed in 15 minutes on any type of ground and without any ground work beforehand. Immediately ready for use, it does not forget anyone, thanks to its accessibility worked to allow use by people with reduced mobility.

Le Barbecue de Rafa

Je m’appelle Raphaël et j’ai eu une vraie passion du barbecue lorsque je suis allé au Quebec. Là-bas, j’ai découvert une sorte de plaisir culinaire en exterieur qui se faisait été comme hiver. J’ai donc commencé mon blog sur le barbecue afin de faire découvrir aux personnes qu’il est possible de faire des supers repas conviviaux au barbecue en faisant autre chose que les sempiternels plateaux saucisses-brochettes. Mon but est de vous faire partager mes connaissances tout au long de l’année.

Le Boucher des Restos by DTMJ

Family business specializing in the wholesale and semi-wholesale of meats directly from Rungis. Since 2014, the restaurant butcher has collaborated with a hundred restaurants in the Paris region. Quality, variety and price ... at the top!

Les Saveurs d'Antan

Food retail, cheese refiner, delicatessen (manufacture, wholesale) Our “Cheese” stand which represents, Savoie, Switzerland and the Jura products. Our "Charcuterie" stand which represents Corsica with specialties with an explosive character in natural casings.


Melt is offering you a food trip to Texas and the deep south of America. Our food is influenced by the greatest Pitmaster and the oldest Texan Traditions. We are looking for the best products to cook the old-school barbecue, with a bit of our French touch and vision into it. The process of barbecue takes a lot of time, wood and the most important love, in order to offer the best taste and texture.

Metzger Frères

Espace cooking show intérieur
This prestigious name belongs to a very old family of butchers where each generation has taken over from the previous one, bringing a new vision of things. For three generations, the family business has worked to develop the concept of a quality butcher shop, in line with the trends of its time. Just 20 years ago, Olivier and Franck Metzger decided to take up the torch to continue the family business. In 1994, the two brothers joined forces to create an exceptional meat sorting center on the Rungis market in the service of large catering, in order to supply gourmet catering chefs.


My Vulx

We believe that the cooking space must be replaced in the heart of the outdoor so that it becomes a space for conviviality. For this, we imagined the first brazier plancha table, reversible if necessary, from wood, charcoal, or gas, in only 2 minutes. Our circular brazier plancha tables, design and functional, also exist in differents heights.


Located in the commune of Narrosse near Dax in the moors, in the heart of South-West traditions, the TSMP group (Tonio, Serrurerie, Métallerie, Plancha) is a reactive and dynamic SME that makes its customers technical know-how in the fields of locksmithing, metalwork, street furniture, plancha and laser cutting. Plancha Tonio is currently the number 1 French planchas all stainless steel. The products in the range are distributed in more than 1000 points of sale throughout France, Guadeloupe and Reunion. Present in supermarkets, DIY stores and garden centers, Plancha Tonio has established itself on the market thanks to constant innovation and irreproachable quality.


Primagaz has been distributing gas bottles through various distribution networks for both the domestic and professional markets for more than 80 years now. Primagaz offers a range of butane and propane bottles, 6 and 13kg adapted to the use of each, inside and outside. In 2018 Primagaz launches the BioTwiny : the first 100% biogas bottle on the french market with -78% CO2 emissions (compared to regular propane). The perfect bottle for barbecues ! (More information on primagaz.fr/next).

Prime Cuts

Primecuts is a brand of high-end accessories for home and outdoor cooking lovers : Tailor-made branding irons, customisable barbecue aprons, insulated picnic and bottle bags, cutting boards, tote bags and log bags … A range of robust and elegant products for demanding epicureans !


Remundi Grill

Booth - Ext 4
"Remundi, braséros and much more!" True specialist in its trade, Remundi propose a complete range of design, practical and contemporary braziers. Besides braziers, Remundi has developed a wide range of accessories; everyone will find their own! "

Rimann Design

Stand - A8
Ironworker at heart and in love with his profession that he has practiced for over 40 years. Passionate about cooking and a gourmet. Serge Rimann (Franco-Swiss) studied and designed his own "Chaudron D'Héphaïstos" real multi-function handcrafted brazier for wood-fired cooking (plancha, Grill, Rotisserie, Frying pan, Skillet, and Brisoloire) with his unique system of fine adjustment of the central grille, very robust and unique design. Come and meet us on our Stand A8 from March 20 to 22, 2020, the first Barbecue Show.


The know-how and service of the "restaurant butcher" serving individuals. Online sale of meat, in economic packages, in semi-wholesale to take advantage of favorable prices without sacrificing quality. Chicken legs, duck breast, ribs or picanha ... a paradise for lovers of good meat cooked on the grill. Delivery on the day and at the time of your choice.


The Bastard has been making premium kamados since 2013. As a company we share an unbelievable passion for delicious outdoor cooking. Kamados make outdoor cooking a real party and everyone should be able to enjoy this. This conviction led to the start of The Bastard. Serious outdoor cooking for everyone, the entire year round.


The TiGER FiRE barbecue appliances are handmade in Belgium. They can serve as barbecue, ornament and atmospheric terrace fire place and therefore give your family and friends the time of their life. Start the wood fire and enjoy quickly from all the delicious dishes and the cosy wood warmth. The large cooking surface makes sure you have different temperature zones. Close to the fire it is scorching hot and on the outer edge you can let your dish simmer softly. An extensive range of accessories helps to create lots of possibilities. Grilling, baking, paella, wok and a session of slow cooking is not a problem with a TiGER FiRE. The only appliance you need.


Stand - B4
Tole is a Belgian company that manufactures high-end outdoor living products. We are driven by a passion for the outdoors, creating products that allow you to enjoy your garden all year round. Tole products are manufactured from highly resistant materials and feature elegant designs, reflecting true Belgian craftsmanship and creativity.


Aimed at the general public as well as restaurant owners offering grilled specialties, and especially for lovers of fine meats for whom the Tridens fork is the ideal gift. The moment of cutting must be a moment of pleasure! Like us, take the bull by the horns!


Booth - Ext 4
INUOVO represents something new in life, something which makes you happier, something which gives you a new way of living or offers you the possibility to discover a new passion ! We will keep you informed about new garden trends, outside cooking place and interior decoration ideas. We are always looking for new products and developp our own ideas in our warehouse or with helpful of our providers. Discover on our stand products which will embellish your garden: the Braai barbecue from South Africa, the Morso pizza oven, the Bradley Smoker smokers, the Remundi braziers and other innovative products. Our “Chef Vincent” will be happy to offer you cooking demonstrations.


Booth - C22


Yoder Smokers are NOT the typical barbecue pit you buy down at the local department store. These pits are designed for use at the biggest BBQ competitions, and in your own backyard where the competition can be just as stiff. People who really know BBQ recognize the quality workmanship we put into our line of smoker pits, and how those "extra details" can make all the difference in turning out mouth-watering BBQ. When your neighbor's shiny polished-steel grill has burnt through and is headed for the dump, you'll still be smoking away.


Z Grills is the industry leader and originator of the Wood Pellet Grill! We provide a world-class culinary experience in our customers through our innovative 8-1 grill, providing the ability to Grill, Smoke, Bake, Roast, Braise & BBQ! We provide the same world-class experience in our employees as we do to our customers, retail partners, and vendors. Recently, Z Grills has been launched as a sponsor of the World Food Competition. Z GRILLS is known for its durability and craftsmanship, as well as for its family-style and approach to business. Z GRILLS takes pride in creating whatever the customers (and employees) dream up.