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Barbecue Expo

The origin of the Barbecue Expo exhibition is based on a simple observation: Far from being a simple piece of equipment used in summer to grill your kebabs, the barbecue is a complete piece of equipment that can accompany us all year round, for any type of dish. For some people, it has become a must-have. And this is when the magic happens! The possibilities become endless and the pleasure becomes a passion! Welcome to a world where flavor and conviviality reign supreme!

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Third Edition is launch !

For the third time in France, Barbecue Expo, the only show 100% dedicated to the world of barbecue, will open its doors from 22nd to 24th of March 2024 at the Parc Floral of Paris. Far from the simple summer equipment that is used for grilling and kebabs, the barbecue is an equipment that can accompany you throughout the year. Already extremely popular in the United States or Canada, the trend is booming in France, and is becoming more and more appreciated by the general public and professionals! Whether in summer or winter, for sweet or savory, for cooking meat or vegetables, this is the tool you need, just like a traditional oven!

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