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    cooking tools !

    Gas, charcoal, electric or portable barbecues, but also planchas, braseros, ovens and smokers, discover in preview the latest news from the most influential brands in the world of grilling. By meeting our exhibitors, you will discover that beyond their simple summer use, these tools can accompany you throughout the year.

    You still have to choose the device that suits the best your needs! Barbecue Expo is an opportunity to familiarize yourself with many cooking tools!

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    Because successful grilling does not come without good utensils! Whether for cooking or maintenance, the Barbecue Expo will be an opportunity for you to discover a multitude of accessories that will allow you to enjoy your culinary experience to the fullest!

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    Charcoal, lava stones, flavored wood chips or vine wood?

    As we know, it is important to choose the right fuel according to the food you are going to grill. Our exhibitors will be happy to show you the different types of fuel available for barbecue cooking.

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    Because a barbecue is nothing without good ingredients, you will find on the show a multitude of local products that will amaze your taste buds. You will discover our exceptional meats but not only! You will also meet our cheese makers who will be happy to make you discover their exceptional products.  To accompany your grilled meats, try our appetizers and to top it all off, treat yourself to some sweets! As you can see, Barbecue Expo has everything you need!

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    Cooking your food is good ... seasoning it, is better ...

    Whether for your meats, fish or vegetables, for your starters, main courses or desserts, discover the sauces, spices and all the special condiments for barbecues and planchas! We're already salivating

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    liquors and spirits

    A barbecue is often accompanied by a good alcohol (in moderation of course). During the show, you can discover the selections of our exhibitors. You will find a space dedicated to wine makers, whisky specialists, and craft brewers. These drinks are perfect for a barbecue. Cocktails or beer as an aperitif, wine at the table, and a digestif to finish in style! 

    These alcohols are also used to enhance dishes, whether in sauces or to caramelize meats, alcoholic beverages find their place wonderfully in a convivial moment.

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    books and publishers

    Thanks to the books on offer at the show, amaze your guests by mastering perfectly the types of cooking, the methods of preparation and seasoning of your food, as well as the various smoking and preservation techniques. You might as well say that the world of grills will hold no secrets for you!

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