to the smallest detail !

Fench Hot Chili Sauce Championship
The Gold Chili !

The Piment d'or, the first hot sauce championship, has now become a must-attend event at Barbecue Expo. Throughout the day, hundreds of candidates will compete by eating chicken nuggets marinated in sauces, each one spicier than the next! But there will be only one winner!

Feel like a

Our exhibitors will spoil your taste buds with every flavour they have to offer! Enjoy tasty dishes from all four corners of the show, and let yourself be carried away by the gourmet atmosphere of the Barbecue Expo!

The Pitmasters cook for you on
outdoor Cooking Shows

Watch live outdoor demonstrations by real Pitmasters from all over the world! Drawing on their extensive experience, they'll show you all the tricks of the trade for a successful barbecue.  Whether on a barbecue, brazier, plancha, Kamado, wood-fired oven or smoker, our Grill Masters will be delighted to cook for you, and in front of you!

The Pitmasters cook for you on
indoor Cooking Shows

Attend live indoor demonstrations by Top Chefs! Learn from them all the tips for a barbecue worthy of the greatest. It's always interesting to discover cooking tools in action. And of course, you'll be able to tantalize your taste buds with every dish you prepare!

Devenez le roi des chefs

Come and discover the secrets of barbecue cooking at our Masterclass! Our expert chefs will show you how to prepare tasty and tender dishes, cooked to perfection. You'll learn how to master the different cooking techniques and choose the best ingredients for successful outdoor dining. Plus, you'll be able to ask any questions you may have and get personalized advice on how to improve your barbecue experience. Don't miss this opportunity to become a true barbecue master!

Barbecue rhyme with Concert
Live Band!

What better way to brighten up your day than with a lively concert? On a magnificent outdoor esplanade, our talents will be sure to play your favorite songs! Grab a drink from our outdoor bar, sit back and enjoy!

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