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Brewers and beers ...

The Barbecue Expo is not only dedicated to BBQ manufacturers and accessories, but also to everything that goes with it. We all know that a good barbecue should always be accompanied by a good beer, with or without alcohol. Be it before or during lunch, beers are an integral part of the barbecue world.


Whether it is brown, blonde, white, amber, top or bottom fermented, beer has its place at the Barbecue Expo. You will be able to consume it or see it used during our cooking shows. And yes... beer is also an interesting ingredient for sauces or to caramelize ribs!


3x Bars


5'000 liters of beers

    Bars, bars and 5'000 liters of beer ...

    During the show, you will find 3 bars that will distribute beers throughout the 3 days. Whether it is in the catering area, in front of the French hot sauce championships, or outside near the relaxation/petanque area, we have thought of everything!


  • BUD

    Budweiser is brewed by the Anheuser-Busch company in the city of St. Louis, USA. In 1876, Anheuser and Busch created a light beer. These German brewers chose this Czech name and were openly inspired by Bohemian beer recipes, such as Budweiser

  • Demory paris

    The Demory-Paris Brewery, located in Bobigny, in the Greater Paris area, produces artisanal, local and independent beers! Located a stone's throw from the Bobigny - Pantin Raymond Queneau metro line 5, behind the Ourcq canal, Demory Paris beer is brewed by a young team of enthusiasts, led by our master brewer, Frank Trosset (gold medal at the 2018 World Beer Cup). In pursuit of excellence, the brewery offers seven references, as well as experimental brews, divided into two ranges, Classique and Craft, to offer a beer to all Parisians.

    Demory-Paris beers are distributed in more than 500 places in the Capital and you can also buy them at the brewery, on takeaway, from 2 to 5 pm from Monday to Friday.

  • Fils de Pomme

    The French Biological Cider

    Fils de Pomme is the first 100% organic cider maker committed to 2 centuries of family cider-making tradition We offer refreshing and subtle creations that are not very sweet, making cider a real quality alternative to beer!


    Since 2015, BAPBAP is an emblematic production place of craft beer in Paris. BAPBAP is a team of 25 passionate people over-motivated to make you discover all the flavors of craft beer thanks to our innovative, accessible and multi-medal recipes.