2 Pe Tanque Min

Petanque competition


Barbecue is much more than a simple method of cooking food, it is above all a way of life, a philosophy that encompasses many other activities.


Among these activities, petanque is one of them! During the show, you will have the opportunity to compete in teams during a tournament or simple games with friends.


The two tracks will be located near the restaurant and bar area, which will allow you to be in the best position to start a game of boules with your friends!





    The game of boule must have originated in Gaul. During the Renaissance, the games of paume and boule were the favorites of the nobility. When the French Revolution broke out and the aristocracy had its privileges taken away, the people appropriated the game of boules and liberalized it. 


    After a visible craze among the French, mainly residents of the South of France, the first official federation was created in 1850: "Le Clos Jouve" in the Lyon region. 


    In 1933, the national boules federation was born, which later became the Fédération Française des Boules (FFB).


    In 1907, the game of Provence gave birth to petanque. During a match in La Ciotat, a Provençal champion named Jules Hugues could no longer play his favorite sport because of his health problems. So, instead of taking three steps before throwing his boules, he decided to draw a circle and throw the jack a few meters away from him. He then decided to try to get his balls as close to that target as possible.


    The rules were then perfected, but it was not until the first official competition in La Ciotat in 1910 that the word was formalized. The term is derived from the Occitan Provençal words "pè" meaning "foot" and "tanca" meaning "stake". Together, this gave rise to the French regional idiom "jouer à pétanque" or "pés tanqués".


    Over the years, different strategies have emerged. Each team has its own, so each game and that's what makes this sport great!