Indoor cooking show

Entirely dedicated to electric plancha, the indoor cooking show will be a demonstration area where you can learn how to ripen meat, to make rubs, to cook crustaceans, etc. The aim is to promote barbecue and plancha as a gastronimic art.

Come site comfortably on the seats and attend the cooking show while tasting the preparations of our Chefs !



Coming from Australia, the United States, Quebec, South Africa and of course, France, our world-renowned pitmasters will be happy to meet and share their passion with you. Dates and times are not yet set. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay informed.



  • Didier Patin

    Découvrez l'univers Metzger

    Didier Patin has been cooking since he was 13 years old. Passionate about the culinary arts and good flavors, he obtained his CAP after 3 years of apprenticeship. Today, he is proud to have a Michelin star in Burgundy. Following a career in relays and castles, Didier is notably a meat expert. He spent 32 years within the Flo group, in the national and international culinary development of the Hippopotamus brand. He was also behind the creation of the RED HIPPO offer and the culinary development of the Tablapiza, Bistro romain and Maitre Kanter brands. In addition, the chef has been a consultant and culinary advisor for Boucherie Metzger since 2015.In partnership with Boucherie Metzger, he will host cooking shows Saturday, March 21, all day.

  • Mathieu BOULAY

    An innkeeper great-grandmother, a baker great-grandfather, a butcher's uncle and a restaurant owner father: among the Boulay people, the passion for the catering trade is passed on from generation to generation. Mathieu will be no exception to the rule. Literally fallen into the pot, he will put all his energy and his winning temperament from a very young age at the service of a single and unique project: to feast ... and to feast.
  • Alexandre et Theo

    Butchery Restaurant Bidoche  
    Alexandre and Théo are two experts in good meat. They are the butchers at Bidoche in the 11th district. After a reconversion, they are proud to offer you their summer products, notably the merguez of Bidoche, spices assembled by their care, but also beef and lamb. Meet them on the show to taste their best meats.
  • Lourdes Pluvinage

    Peruvian Restaurant El Picaflor

    Lourdes Pluvinage learned the secrets of Peruvian cuisine through family tradition. Chef resident in Paris since 1988, she created in 1994 with Eduardo Justo Caballero the restaurant EL PICAFLOR of which she is still in charge. Lourdes will come to present her Peruvian specialties with the help of her assistant chef Carlos Quiñonez.

  • Raphael Guillot

    My name is Raphaël and I had a real passion for barbecue when I went to Quebec. There, I discovered a kind of outdoor culinary pleasure that could be done in summer and winter. So I started my blog on barbecue to make people discover that it is possible to make great convivial meals on the barbecue by doing something else than the endless sausage and brochette platters. My goal is to share my knowledge with you throughout the year.

  • Stephane Nowowiejski

    Barbecue & vous
    My name is Stéphane Nowowiejski and I am originally from Eastern France. I am curious and passionate about discovering new flavors. I developed a passion for wine, then world cuisine and this led me to Barbecue and I became a big fan of smoking. For me, cooking and barbecuing allow me to create a moment of conviviality and sharing. Our community barbecue & you is a French-speaking meeting place for all the passionate of the embers and the home-made. It's a place of exchange and sharing that brings together amateurs, curious people and experts in smoking and grilling.
  • Mercedes Ahumada

    Gastronomie mexicaine

    Mercedes Ahumada is a chef who promotes traditional Mexican cuisine. She is the founder of "Mercedes Ahumada Mexican Cuisine", a company dedicated to regional and traditional Mexican banquets in Paris, as well as the sale of Mexican specialties. Mercedes was born into a traditional family strongly influenced by Mexican cooking and baking. Doña Mercedes Peralta, her peasant grandmother, was her first source of inspiration because of her strong leadership character and her respect for the "milpa" (corn fields), which made her understand that it is the perfect ecosystem of life and the basis of the Mexican diet. She will introduce you to the richness of Mexican gastronomy and delight your taste buds.

  • Christophe Deom

    World Championship of Barbecue and Cooking Contest

    Originally from Saint-Médard, Christophe Déom specialized in butchery in Namur. Recognized for the quality and freshness of the products he sells, the butchery and catering service have enjoyed a well-deserved success, with an increase in customer loyalty. He represented Belgium at the "World Championship of Barbecue and Cooking Contest" in Memphis in 2008 and took the 11th place out of 261 teams. Today, the team has totally reinvested in the catering service and continues to offer the same quality for your events.