BBQ Outdoor Show

Attend live demonstrations held by real Barbecue Masters from all over the world! With their experience they will be present to give you all the tricks of the trade for a successful barbecue!


What cooking tools will be used?


It is always interesting to discover the cooking tools in use. Whether it's on a barbecue, brazier, plancha, Kamado, wood-fired ovens or smokers, our Grill Masters will be delighted to cook in front of you! Count on them to amaze your senses, and especially your taste buds!


Coming from Australia, the United States, Quebec, South Africa and of course, France, our world-renowned pitmasters will be happy to meet and share their passion with you. Dates and times are not yet set. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay informed.



  • Raphael Guillot

    My name is Raphaël and I had a real passion for barbecue when I went to Quebec. There, I discovered a kind of outdoor culinary pleasure that could be done in summer and winter.

    So I started my blog on barbecue to make people discover that it is possible to make great convivial meals on the barbecue by doing something else than the endless sausage and brochette platters. My goal is to share my knowledge with you throughout the year.

  • Rohan Hennebert

    Crazy lover of the Blues, I had the opportunity to go regularly to the south of the USA. I discovered there extraordinary people, and a rich, simple and friendly cuisine.

    One thing leading to another, I gradually became passionate about this cuisine, and the complexity of BBQ. I bought my first Weber BBQ, then my first Smoker, then 2, then 3, ... Finally, I decided to share my passion and my knowledge in Belgium and France by building this website.

  • Max Lavoie


    Max, the 'BBQ Guru,' is unquestionably at the forefront of the barbecue industry. In addition to leading a retail chain, developing his own accessories, sauces and spices, he is changing the world one barbecue at a time. Guest judge for the best barbecue accessories in North America, the following year he himself emerged as proud recipient of the 1st prize for the prestigious Vesta Award, with his accessory the ‘All-in-1’ in 2019. He is the proud recipient of many awards, including the prestigious Vesta Award for Best Barbecue Accessory in 2019, and the KCBS Chef's 1st Choice at the French Barbecue Championship in 2016. Other successful participations in the American competitions Memphis in May, American Royal and World Food Championship, make Max a recognized expert among his peers in the field since 2013.  A true pioneer in the industry, he has been called a "young Steven Raichlen." The world-famous Raichlen is known as "The Master of the Grill". Max Lavoie's numerous travels around the world have inspired him to create a horde of recipes and techniques that have led to the creation of a multitude of products. His expertise has been put forward in various collaborations on television, radio and web capsules. He is also the author of two recipe books, “BBQ au Max” and “Lavoie du BBQ”.  His mission:  Gathering people around flavors & fire.

  • Kobus BRAAI

    My South Africa is the importation of a way of life and values, through a strong and dynamic concept: the giant barbecue (braai, in Afrikaans).

    It is upon his arrival in France, after the birth of his son, that Kobus decided to dedicate himself to gastronomy and to what it has of more federative and convivial. From film production to restaurant management, there are many similarities, as he likes to say: "you have to be very organized, know how to inspire people, be creative and never panic".

  • Pierre et Laurent


    We are from the Bordeaux region...passionate, for many years, about cooking and mainly outdoor cooking. We recently launched our Youtube channel whose objective is to share and present a way of life around the barbecue and more generally around summer cooking: presentation of different types of barbecues, the main cooking methods, recipes and everything around summer cooking. Our two participations in the French BBQ championships have resulted in podiums....We love these moments of sharing and conviviality. Our philosophy: a little bit of barbecue, a lot of way of life!

  • Stephane Nowowiejski

    Barbecue & vous

    My name is Stéphane Nowowiejski and I am originally from Eastern France. I am curious and passionate about discovering new flavors. I developed a passion for wine, then world cuisine and this led me to Barbecue and I became a big fan of smoking. For me, cooking and barbecuing allow me to create a moment of conviviality and sharing.

    Our community barbecue & you is a French-speaking meeting place for all the passionate of the embers and the home-made. It's a place of exchange and sharing that brings together amateurs, curious people and experts in smoking and grilling.


  • Alexandre Hurson

    I'm Alexandre HURSON, and passionate about barbecue cooking since 2007. King of the Grill was created with Nicolas my brother and Aurélie my beautiful sister, in 2013 on the occasion of the 1st French barbecue championship. Passionate about gastronomy, I participated in culinary competitions where I won several titles of champion of France.