Whether it runs on charcoal, gas, pellets, or electricity, the barbecue has become an essential cooking tool in France!
The plancha allows you to sear meat in thin slices for rapid cooking, with a minimum of fat. Treat yourself, all dishes are allowed: starters, desserts, fish, seafood, vegetables… You can cook anything!
If you know how to light a barbecue, you will know how to use a brazier since it works exactly on the same principle. All you need to do is burn charcoal for cooking, or wood logs for outdoor heating ideal for chilly evenings.
This barbecue in the shape of an egg is made entirely of ceramic. With its cover, all types of cooking can be done (meat, fish, vegetables, pizza and even dessert!).
Wood-fired ovens, pizza ovens or traditional ovens, they are also part of the cooking tools used by French people !
The smoker barbecue is a barbecue that gives meat, fish or vegetables a unique taste by smoking them. Here we combine the characteristics of a grill and those of a convection oven.