The programme

The Program of
Barbecue Expo 2024

Behind the tool,
a real way of life!

Gas, charcoal, electric or portable barbecues, but also planchas, braziers, ovens and smokers, discover in preview the latest innovations of the most influential brands in the world of grilling.

By meeting our exhibitors, you will discover that beyond their simple summer use, these tools can accompany you throughout the year.

But you still need to choose the appliance best suited to your needs! Barbecue Expo is an opportunity to familiarize yourself with the many cooking tools available to you!

indoor cooking shows !
Out of the ordinary
outdoor cooking shows !
Entertainment through
Become a master through
the master classes !
A little bit of spice with the
hot sauce challenge

We present you your chef
Kobus Braai

Kobus Braai, led by South African chef Kobus Botha, transports you to the world of his native barbecue. Whether you are just a few or 5000 people, his team will
come to you with their giant barbecues to create a warm experience and an unforgettable taste. You can also find Kobus around Paris with his giant barbecues on sunny days.

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official partners of Barbecue Expo